IA#5 Honor Thy Father

  • Their religion in that movie serves as a inspiration or hope that no matter what happens, there will always be a solution and look up and ask for help to their God.
  • There is a practice that I saw wherein they always donate money in big amounts. Their practices are more of praising their God and asking for help and pushing people to not lose hope whether they have problems or not.
  • The film is very deep and very anti-climactic. There is a feeling of tension while watching the movie but there is no build up for the climax. It is like the movie keeps going with plenty of problems with the main characters and it’s as if they would not be able to resolve it. There is a part where the main character did not know what to do in order to resolve the problem and went to the bad side in order to resolve it. There is also a part where he wanted to rob a bank but failed and was not able to handle the situation. It was very deep for me since it showed that the character suddenly had two sides, a protagonist and an antagonist side. Overall, the movie for me was very deep and anti-climactic which I really appreciated since not all movies are created like that.
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