Magik®— Breaking the barrier between “OFF” and “ON”.

Andre Mancini
Dec 5, 2018 · 3 min read

The product can transform advertising market by enabling the creation of campaigns with immersive experiences through computer vision.

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Image: simulation of a 2018 awarded campaign using Magik®


It is quite known that business models of Advertising Agencies are changing, some are adapting faster, others not so much. However, it is a fact that agencies around the world need to accelerate relevance and results to their clients in 360º campaigns. We can say that the agencies that will succeed in the very near future will be those that will be able to successfully mixing channels ON and OFF with more efficiency and quality, both from a creative point of view and a return on investments for their clients.

Magik®, is the first tool to connect “off” campaigns with the digital world. Through a web-browser camera phone, powered by AI, customers just point the smartphone to an outdoor campaign, print ads, TV commercials or even for objects, and Magik opens an interface that takes the consumer to an immersive experience. Customers can open campaign-related contents, interact with services, promotions, make payments, and more.

Magik at a glance:

A camera powered by AI

Any smartphone with Safari (from the Iphone 5s) or Google Chrome (from Android 4.1.3) can access Magik features. There is no need to install any additional app to use, which makes the experience smooth and frictionless.

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Create and publish a digital experience with EMS

Magik tools on EMS (Experience Management System) let content creators define offline targets, create, publish and share related digital experiences with Magik users.

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Magik EMS (Experience Management System)

Magik — for a variety of possibilities

Digitalize offline campaigns.

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By doing that, you can improve your conversion rate and integrate your offline campaigns with Google GTM and Facebook Pixel.

Easily enable any image to have a interactive 3D model.

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No code required.

Recognize and show curated content based on any video source.

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Unleash your creativity. Create your own experiences and access on your mobile phone. Free beta version for the first month.

Access Magik website:

Got curious? Talk with our team and know more.

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