Sigh… I did it again. Its good that I overcame my previous performance but…that single point cost me to fall like slipping on top of a mountain peak and told myself “you need to finish this”, damn it. I was close to seeing the wonders of those above me but I myself dragged me to the bottom yet again. I felt greif the moment I knew that there was one piece missing in my puzzle, cause I didn’t work hard enough, I didn’t focus I kept camping on the bonfire’s warmth, not knowing it is already burning me, about to set me ablaze. Everytime I jump and finish the obstacle another bigger, harder one slaps me in the face, guess thats life for me huh? forever stuck in the shadow of a mountain, always running out of gasoline. This will be the last time I stumble and fall, NO! Humpty Dumpty Didn’t have to fall! he only needed to add a wall so that all the kings and queens of mankind don’t need to discriminate him EVER AGAIN!!

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