The Day I Met You

The day I met you, you are the most majestic thing, I liked your tastes, I liked your hobbies, I liked everything that is you. I wanted to befriend you ever since the day we met, but, my shyness is holding me back until today, we might be on the same group but still, I am shy, you tried to approach me any way possible but still, I am shy

I wasted precious moments that could’ve happened, cause I’m too shy

You have a presence that makes my mind fluctuate which in turn my actions would fluctuate also. You’re so special, unique and I don’t know why you want to hang with a guy like me. Everytime I see you I would think twice to either talk or not notice you. You have made an impact on me that is unimagineable.

But I feelt shook(shaken?) When you asked if there was something wrong, yes I am what’s wrong, I am the guy that hated you for being very good, I am the guy that would enjoy your suffering, which all fucked me up. What Am I doing?

You’re the best, and I’m the worst therefore we’re not compatible, aren’t we?

I want to say I’m sorry but I’m too shy to do so, I wanna say I thank you it took me hours to do so.

“I always thought I might be bad now Im sure that its true cause, I think you’re so good and Im nothing like you, look at you boy I just adore you I wish that I knew, what makes you think Im so special”

You are the pinnacle of my self awareness

But you are friends with everyone else’s

I so adored you that made me hate you

But I think its time to admit it after 3 1/2 years

Kirk Damian.

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