Where Are You, Inspiration

I feel blank, mostly empty

Am I old? Older than seventy?

What Am I supposed to say?

Only sitting around the hays

Thinking about tomorrow ?

Or yesterdays sorrow ?

What about us, the present

Reading myths and legends ?

I’m lost there are so many directions

I think I’ve lost my concentration

Is there a way round shorter?

Cause my life seems out of order

Please cut me out of this disorder

I just want another day to be over

I’m not inspired, I’m not alive

Shallow thoughts prosper and thrive

I want to go out and live

I know that life has many to give

Maybe next time when I feel it again

The feeling of gush and enemies slain

I will come out my dark cave

Once I see your bodies in graves

~ I dont know what to say really Text inspired by Yoj?? and My M0M

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