My First steps in Power Lifting

I train for 5 years now but I never trained to get really strong. Now I train with an other athlete who does power lifting and compete on a good national level. The training is very good but totally different from the training I was used to. I want to share a few things that are different.


I was used to go to the gym, hit it hard for a maximum of one hour and then go under the shower. Now its like “Go to the gym, destroy the iron for about 2 hours and be exhausted under the shower”. Before I have done this I was totally like more than one hour of training is a total waste of time, but I see it works. For example on Mondays we train heavy squats. Warm up is about 10 or 15 minutes. After that we do heavy singles until we reach our limit (an other 10 minutes). Then we start to do heavy sets of two reps for exactly 20 minutes. The rest of the day is some additional work of 2 sets with 10 reps.


The obvious thing here are the different goals. Bodybuilding is for building muscles so you want to feel the muscles you train do the work. Power lifting is about lift as heavy as you can. You don’t care how you lift, as long as the lift is a valid one and you don’t mess with you body. Squats are a nice example. While I trained for maximum muscle gains I concentrated on my legs and to use no momentum. Now I go very deep and use the rebound effect at the bottom position to boost me back up.


The last thing I want to write about are goals. I never wanted to go on a bodybuilding stage, but I will compete in power lifting. I think to have such a goal is a huge difference. Of course some of you want to go on a bodybuilding stage and so this point dont matter to you. But if you are like me and just train for a nice aesthetic body you should definitely try some power lifting style training. If you never done that before I will assure you, that it will be at least a nice change for a time if not more.

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