Yeah It’s Official. I Love Weddings.

Screenshot from my wedding short. Watch it on my Instagram @_drepayne

Alright, it’s official. I love weddings.

Not even from the aspect as a videographer. But more so as a fan of what the day encompasses.

Recently, the homie Justin Eisner and I filmed one in Raleigh, NC at this beautiful wine bar called Vita Vite and we had a blast.

A wedding, if done right, is pretty much a classy party. Lots of dancing, drinking, and entertainment that you wouldn’t find at regular functions.

Which is why I’m actually really looking forward to my wedding day. I mean granted I am 21 and in zero rush whatsoever, but trust me when I say my wedding is going to be an absolute movie.

Screenshot from my wedding short. Watch it on my Instagram @_drepayne

I mean think about some of the aspects as to why we love weddings.

To start you have the opportunity to be around family again. It’s always nice to get everyone under the same roof, and knowing my relatives, that turn up would never stop.

Another reason is definitely the food. At the wedding we just filmed in Raleigh, the couple had an unlimited Chicken & Waffle station accompanied by a Mac & Cheese bar — yes, it was incredible. Hopefully my future wife is down for whatever cause our menu already has a must have… none other than a table full of Bojangles Chicken & Biscuits baby!

But the biggest reason is being able to witness that visual representation of love. With my camera, I’m able to capture those subtle moments. However, even as a spectator, it’s easy to sense the love in the air. It’s a reassuring feeling to look into the couple’s eyes and see that overwhelming joy of finding the one. Which I reluctantly can say is a feeling I am looking forward to having myself one day.

Screenshot from my wedding short. Watch it on my Instagram @_drepayne

I mean you always leave a wedding happy — Well, unless your single and have to go home to nothing. But hey at least you caught the bouquet right?