CryptoTrakr — Track your digital coins


Android app:

The latest hype around the web are (again) cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc). Me being a software engineer wanted to build something around this ecosystem.

I’m a full-stack developer working mainly with technologies such as React for the frontend and Rails for backend. In my spare time I’ve been exploring React-Native and I’m having a lot of fun with that. Since I already have the experience with React+Redux, creating a mobile app with these technologies is amazing and spares me a LOT of time.

So I created CryptoTrakr, an app that allows you to simply follow the prices of numerous cryptocurrencies while allowing you to set up notification alerts and manage your portfolio. Those are the main features for now but I’ll still be working on it :)

From conception until Play Store release it took me less than a month, working on it sporadically.

I’ve been enjoying the development and the technologies were easy to use. There are some small quirks regarding multi-platform since I wanted for the app to be available for Android and iOS. You have to think about native components and how’s the UI going to differ between platforms.

As for technologies it’s just React-Native, Redux and Firebase. Firebase provides a lot of useful tools such as analytics, crash reporting, push notifications and database.

Hope you enjoy the app and as always I’m very open to suggestions :)