San Fernando Valley: Stories From Honest Immigrants

The San Fernando Valley is home to a large Latino community and many of these Latino citizens immigrated to the United States when they were children or as young adults in search for a brighter future. The common immigrant story is nothing to be afraid of. There is no reason to think that a large majority of immigrants that come to the United States are looking to take away jobs from the American people. Movements like the movement to put an end to DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) are more than deportations. It ends lifetimes of struggles for something better, it ruins dreams and can destroy family values and cultures.

Having lived in the San Fernando Valley my entire life I have been surrounded by Latino people and Latino cultures. I grew up with first generation Mexican-American parents and both pairs of my grandparents were born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States as teenagers.

Mexican culture has settled inside my life quite easily and proudly. Having met so many people of Latino decent i understand that there is no harm from most of the Mexican immigrants that cross the United States border. Like many other immigrants that take part in the endeavor to make it in to the U.S they look for job opportunity and for the opportunity of a better life. The median household income in San Fernando is just over $55,000 which is about 90% of the amount in Los Angeles and only 18% of people below the poverty line.

San Fernando is more of a suburban area and though there are many immigrants; it does not seem that immigration problems are often brought up in local news. However, I am sure that there could be a fair amount of people in the community affected by the new movement to put an end to DACA.

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