All Quiet on the Western Front

He: Wow you are beautiful :)
She: Hahaha I know :)
He: Wow haha. You’re not modest anyway
She: Hahahahah i just love myself and don’t say any lie. I did? :)
He: Haha you didn’t but you love it don’t you?
 Why are you on - dating site/app name- if you’re so beautiful then :)
Hahaha oh, what’s the problem to be here? Only ugly people is here?
I saw many beautiful people here! 
 You consider yourself ugly? And because It are you here? No make sense. 
Are you looking for ugly people here? Interesting…
He: Oh you’re clever too haha
A woman, a beautiful woman, can’t be clever?
 Good luck for us here or offline! ;)


More one day in a woman’s life.