Everything You Need To Know About The Meizu M2 Note

I ‘d always had my eyes on the midrange and higher-end classes of phones, but in the last few years, the smartphone landscape has started to change quite drastically: more and more upstart manufacturers have started offering some really good configurations at seriously attractive price points, and heck, some of these even look well done. But how would the overall experience of what we now consider a “budget” phone feel like in the wake of these developments?

I decided to find out when the time came for me to upgrade — instead of a new mid-ranger or a high-end flagship, I bought a really affordable phone from one of the bigger upstarts from China, Meizu. So how’d that work out?

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Copping looks off other products is one thing, but tying the whole experience together with the right design decisions when it comes to software is another thing altogether. What does Meizu give you in terms of features and functionality? What does it take away, if anything? And what’s it like to use on a day-to-day basis? Let’s take a look at the software, performance, and battery life:

One of the key things I look for in a phone — regardless of class — is a good, or at the very least good enough camera. Budget phone cameras have come a long way, or so they say; check out the surprising results in the Meizu M2 Note Camera Review:

So all in all, is the Meizu M2 Note the phone you’re looking for? It depends on a few things — read about what you need to consider:

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