This is what I going to tell you about demo — Thursdays.

Santiago Arroyave
May 18, 2018 · 2 min read

Three times for week I assist to a class in my university called “Methods and Approaches” with an amazing teacher, Dr. Raul Mora. This class has something particular thanks to the Dr. Mora and is that every Thursday we have a special meet where we put in practice almost everything that he taught us in past classes, from experiences to particular topics
explained in his empathy form.
March 8, this was the most satisfying demo — Thursday ever in this semester. This day we expect for a great class as every Thursday, where we as teachers in formation, create some criteria or activities to have in account for the day when we start to teach; Whereas, this day Dr. Mora came with a great activity where we have to use our speaking capacity, and
believe me that this was a successful form to do it.
First, we start with a speed meeting where we have to talk some topics with the person in front of us, they change every minute and thus with each person, such a speed dating. Then, we did some performances with stereotypical characters of the cinema or books, and finally, and not the less important, for the contrary the funniest activity was the performance about an infomercial, where our creativity explode out to create a great
To conclude, this kind of activities promote the critical and organized thinking in a didactic way, more than a performance is a form to keep engaged every minute the students, because that is the really challenge, found assessments or forms to make interesting and
entertain the languages, because a language is culture and should be teach as a way of life creating some consciousness of this, and not learning English because I have to.

Raúl A. Mora, Ph.D. LSLP Colombia#MATLUPB#My man!

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