How to create awesome data storytelling when you don't have any data to plot charts

  • Show that we don’t necessarily need an x and a y-axis to tell a story using data;
  • Give you some tips…

Learn how to take your data visualisation skills to the next level.

This is how we reduced our data latency from two hours to 15 seconds with Spark Streaming.

Deploying Airflow on AWS is quite a challenge for those who don’t have DevOps experience, that is, almost everyone who works in data.


Zaanse Schans, Zaandijk, Netherlands | Photo by Wim van ‘t Einde on Unsplash
  • No instructions on Airflow documentation.
  • Some…

Sometimes we want to generate fake events to test our pipelines and dashboards. Random events don’t do the job. That’s why I built this Python package.

The lack of content about the productionization of models and scripts.

A falta de conteúdo sobre produtização de modelos e scripts.

Dicas para melhorar o seu posicionamento nas buscas e maximizar as chances de ingressar em um processo seletivo

Eu consegui uma vaga de engenheiro de dados em Londres. Porém, não tenho diploma, nem passaporte europeu e nem procurava uma nova colocação…

Step-by-step guide on how to create great data visualizations. Tips and ideas to make your data stand out!

Chart from award-winning kernel from Kaggle competition. Let’s learn how to create it from scratch!

Data to Plot

André Sionek

A little bit of each: data engineer and scientist, entrepreneur, physicist, writer and designer.

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