Discovering the Power of “Why”

During most of middle school, I was a slacker. I didn’t put much effort in school back then. I just didn’t find the purpose in it. The only class I did well on was drama. I was top of the class and I gave it my all every time. It was really strange for the people surrounding me to see such a major difference in my work level. Now that I look back, it’s as clear as water. I had found my “why”.

When I got home and I began to look at my homework and I asked myself “Why am I doing this? What am I gaining out of this?” The answer I was getting for these questions was: the grade. But the grade was worthless to me. I didn’t find that thirst for knowledge in the other courses, but when it came to drama, I wanted to know more; I had a certain curiosity that I only felt the second that I entered that classroom. This drive for curiosity was so powerful, that when I was told that I had to get a 5 or higher(A’s and B’s)in all of my classes so that I could enter a theatre convention in London it all dawned on me.

I gave in countless hours to catch up on the work that I had missed because of my previous lazyitis syndrome. I was developing myself to an extent that I had never done before. All of this for the massive drive that I had for growing as an actor. I was able to do all of this work because every time I was doing I felt tired or doing homework, every time I had to work on my math homework, EVERY TIME I felt angry that I didn’t have time for other activities, I just remembered my “why”. It pushed me through every piece of work I did that semester. Even though my score had been 4.4 (4=C)before I embarked into this journey, in the end, I did get there. I went to London and achieved my goal. When one finds their “why”, they can achieve things they didn’t know they were capable of doing.