There is no bloodthirst or making example of others.
Amanda Stevens

it really surprises me how many people are pushing Amanda to “Forgive and love” without even addressing Ali. What he did was very wrong, if Amanda was your daughter or sister you would be far more worried about HER feelings than Ali’s. The only rational explanation i find for this is that more people identify with Ali and therefore feel its more likely they have a son or brother like Ali than a daughter or sister like Amanda, leading them to ask for leniency towards Ali. To me those comments are a clear example of prejudice in our society, not the blunt kind we all repudiate, but the silent kind that is ingrained in our culture on makes it hard for most people to understand the experiences of the discriminated.

Acceptance and inclusion is only possible when we face those issues and create a fair and safe environment. I really believed we were much better than this in 2016. I’m really disappointed.

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