5 Places to Visit in 2015

Planning to go somewhere you have never been before? You should consider going to some of the places listed below. Lots of amazing things are happening this year and you will not want to miss them.

1) Singapore

This year is the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence, and this small island is making sure to go big with the celebrations. The inauguration of Marina Bay, a 5-mile public art trail called Jubilee Walk, and the National Gallery Singapore are only a few of the new and innovative projects that are welcoming people from all over to celebrate with the country and its people.

Fireworks over Singapore. Photo: Randy Tan | Flickr

2) Milan, Italy

This year Milan is not only about fashion and soccer. The city will be hosting the World Expo 2015 from May to October, and it will primarily focus on food and cuisine! I know, I know sounds awesome right? My mouth is watering, too! Not only that, but the city has made sure to receive the estimated 20 million visitors they will have throughout the year with a lot of renovations. La Darsena a formerly dilapidated harbor has been renovated and will be having tree-lined promenades, bike paths, and piazzas. The Duomo, one of my favorite monuments in Europe, has also been resorted, making it even more impressive. Be sure to look your best because, remember, you will still be in Milan.

Duomo in Milan. Photo: Anne J. | Flickr

3) New Orleans

10 years ago Katrina almost brought this city down, and today, New Orleans wants to show the world how far they have come after their rebirth. With many projects newly renovated, New Orleans should be on your list of places to go this year. The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra just inaugurated its new state-of-the-art space this March. The newly developed South Market District will be home to many businesses, new restaurants, and luxury hotels. Bourbon Street is still there, as amazing as it has always been, so no need to worry!

Pontalba Building in New Orleans. Photo: Bill Badzo | Flickr

4) Bolivia

If you’re someone who likes a little adventure, Bolivia is the place for you. The country offers a very diverse geography with the Andes Mountains on the west and the rainforest to the northeast. In the last 15 years the country has suffered a lot of political instability, making traveling around the country a not-so-pleasant experience. Today, that has changed and there are not as many road blocks that limit your travels. Bolivia offers some of most beautiful natural wonders in the world like the Salar de Uyuni, the biggest salt dessert in the world and Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. To the east is the Madidi National Park, one of the most biodiverse places on earth with 44% of all New World mammal species, 38% of neotropical amphibian species, and almost 1000 species of birds are all waiting for you. Bolivia is still a very undeveloped country that is growing fast so travel is very affordable.

Sunset at Salar de Uyuni. Photo: Sara Winter | Flickr

5) Myanmar

Myanmar, or Burma is the only unexplored frontier in Southeast Asia. The country was under a military dictatorship for decades, but in 2011 it changed its government, allowing tourism to start to grow. The culture is still so fresh to Western civilization that being there is like going back in time. Life is very simple, prices are low, and the almost unexplored Buddhist temples and villages around the country are just amazing!

Temple city of Bagan. Photo: Sam Gellman | Flickr

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