My practice.

I wrote about how I developed a meditation practice here:

Meditation is to control the mind. It is to acknowledge your thoughts without becoming identified with them. It is to be present and aware of your thinking.

Our brain is hundreds of thousands of years old. It is programmed to make us survive. It is naturally predisposed to identify harmful events or threats. With the levels of stress today, our nervous system has the same hormonal discharge our ancestors would have when fighting or fleeing. This is called fight-or-flight. This is what I call monkey brain. Meditation allows us to control our monkey brain. It focuses our mind and provides insight into our thoughts.

I have developed a meditation practice and made it a priority. No matter how busy I am, or how busy my day will be, I always start my day with meditation. My practice is 20 minutes long. I start with 5 minutes of pranayama and finish with 15 minutes of meditation.

Pranayama is a breathing technique. It is designed to cleanse the energetic channels and bring awareness to the body. It removes mental disturbances and gets the mind focused for meditation. It is also said to affect the mood and aid in digestion.

My mantra is “let go.” During my inhales I mentally say “let,” and during my exhales I say “go.” My inhales and exhales are approximately 7 seconds long, and in between, I have a 4-second pause where I mentally count to 4.

When I finish my practice, I always practice autosuggestion and remind myself of how fulfilled I am. I also remind myself of everything I want to achieve. I then try to stay present and bring my practice, breath and state of mind with me into all other areas of my life.

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