The importance of keeping a self-education program.

I have said before that everyone should always keep a self-education program in progress. This AM in Farnam Street Shane Parrish wrote about the real value of education. Education should not be about learning things for the sake of memory. Education is about learning things in order to accomplish things. Education is about creating your toolbox.

Charlie Munger says that you should learn to be fluent in the big multidisciplinary ideas of the world and use them regularly. Education is about learning how to think, how to make decisions and how to problem solve. It’s important to keep a self-education program in progress because with innovation comes change; change is the only constant. And with change come new conditions; you have to learn to adapt to new conditions. But adapting is an art; the faster and more effortless, the better off you will be.

Keeping a multidisciplinary self-education program in progress keeps your mind in hero shape enabling you to adapt without you even noticing.

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