This post is a couple of days overdue. This is a post about 9/11.

I remember 9/11/2001 like it was yesterday. I think we all do. I was in school, I was in class… We had just started classes. All of a sudden, the doors busted open, and in came staff with TVs broadcasting the attacks. The first attack was being rebroadcasted, and then, the second attack to the South Tower happened. It was crazy; nobody could believe their eyes.

Then it hit me — my mom was supposed to have a meeting at the World Trade Center at 9:30 AM. I rushed out of the classroom and called my aunt. I asked if she had heard from my mom and she said they were still trying to get ahold of her, but that her meeting was at 9:30 AM so she should be fine. She didn’t sound worried. I was worried, but my aunt's confidence made me feel better.

Minutes later my aunt called me back and said that my mom was safe. She had missed her flight from MIA to LGA. Thank God! I’ve never felt this much relief. I was lucky, and I’m very grateful, but many others weren’t so lucky. The attacks resulted in the deaths of almost 3,000 people. It was the worst terrorist attack in world history.

More than 90 countries lost citizens. This was an attack on the US, but it was also an attack on the world. Yes, they killed Americans. Yes, they killed Jews. Yes, they killed Christians. But they also killed Arabs; they also killed Muslims. This was an attack on humanity. As much as we think all that matters — American, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, it doesn’t. That’s not what we are designed for. We weren’t designed to argue over ideologies. We’re not supposed to be divided. We need to stand united. We can never forget, and we can never let this happen again. We need to repulse that which divides us, and support that which unites us.