I am only a guy from an European country, Portugal, but I have been following, with eager attention, what goes on politically in the US roughly since early 2016. The role and impact that internal American politics has in the world overshadows what every other country has had in the past 70 years. This has been a good thing as well as a bad thing, considering the specifics of each situation and the time in history.

The leading role of the US in world politics has driven trends on all continents, and yes: it helped lift many people out of…

I feel so alone

I feel like a drone

Moving along, doing the same


The same old innovation

The same new way

I don’t why

I keep doing the same


A little closer to the next day

Avoid starvation

Looking for motivation

But doing the same thing everyday

Innovate they say

Be different, but be sane

With that do the little you can

Wake up the next day

Feel alone, be like a drone

Do the same everyday

Keep getting tired everyday

Little by little, it eats you away…

Andy Soriano Lucas

Dad; Aquaculture, data and Oceanography researcher; Curious on all things food and ocean related.

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