How can you improve all your aspects of your life but simply improving one skill?

I was reluctant to believe that back in 2005. I thought that it requires a massive amount of effort to be a better human being and to perform better as a professional.

Of course, I do believe that great things in life do require to put into work a significant amount of hours of deliberate practice.

So, the question is, how can I become a better self by focusing the effort on just one skill?

As Pareto’s Law says: Software development is 20% of the time developing and 80% debugging.

Imagine how powerful you could become if you cut down the debugging time and make the debug process more efficient, finding the root cause of the problem in your code or understanding the workflow of your algorithm.

It would be great to sharpen this critical skill and become an exceptional developer to finding “unexpected features” a.k.a. bugs.

Debugging is more than putting some breakpoints and cross our fingers for the program to hit them.

How the “Java Debug” Works?

When a JVM is running a Java Debug session can be…

An Olympic Champion could be conceived only as a top performer in any sport as swimming or athleticism, but could be someone like you in any field, having a boundless performance and being at the top of the world.

After these Olympics Rio 2016, many people will remember and love some great gold medalists such as Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt.

Why will people love and remember them?

Because they put everything that they had and show to the world all the greatness that a human being can achieve.

You want to become your best at your craft. For that, you need to practice more effectively and more time.

Sometimes your “katas” won’t be your bests, but guess what? It doesn’t matter. What really matters is how consistent you are practicing.

How often do you practice, how long does it and how many effort you put, all of these things reflect how bad do you want to be a master.

When you read about ‘Rockstar’ you can imagine a music superstar that performs an outstanding show in a scenario. Well, like in the music you must be a ‘Rockstar’ in software development.

Take a time to think about this: Would you like to attend an artist’s show if he were to try out instead of performing a great show?

In the Scenario: A Rockstar performs a software developer tries.

Rockstar Mindset

An artist since…

Andres Cespedes

Software Craftsman, Java Evangelist, Fitness & Personal Coach. Sharing simple thoughts that make great changes.

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