How to Be an Olympic Gold Medal Software Developer

An Olympic Champion could be conceived only as a top performer in any sport as swimming or athleticism, but could be someone like you in any field, having a boundless performance and being at the top of the world.

After these Olympics Rio 2016, many people will remember and love some great gold medalists such as Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt.

Why will people love and remember them?

Because they put everything that they had and show to the world all the greatness that a human being can achieve.

The Usain Bolt Effect

When Bolt get into the scene, the whole stadium starts to shout out his name; why? Because he is so charismatic. He’s like the people say: the modern-day Muhammad Ali.

Bolt enjoy being a showman, he not only run as the fastest human in the world, he also delights in sharing with others competitors, with the crowd, being in pressure.

He is pleased with all action previously to the competition.

How to use this Bolt Effect in your career?

So, guess what? To be a Gold Medalist Software Developer, you should be pleased to be hurried up, to be pressured by other people such as customers, to be criticized by most of the people, to train every day.

You should enjoy everything that you live around your career because that will make you greater than anybody else.

Carl Lewis Versatility

Frederick Carlton “Carl” Lewis, won 9 Gold Olympic medals 4 of them weren’t as the fastest sprinter but as the best long jumper.

Do you can even imagine someone in nowadays trying to do something similar?

Carl Lewis, in his first Olympic Games Los Angeles 1984 entered to four events with realistic prospects of winning each of them, at the end, he fulfilled his expectations.

He had prepared to win the Men’s 100-m flat and Men’s long jump. This kind of accomplishments has led to him being voted as the “World Athlete of the Century”. This kind of accomplishments is simply beyond belief!

How to be the Carl Lewis in your field?

You want to choose a couple of skills that are related, to simplify this goal, i.e. mastering containers management such as Docker or Vagrant and also doing it for python scripting development.

You’ll take over 2 skills that are quite related but the application of those skills could have a very different environment, making you look more versatile.

So, go out there and master different skills that are related to accelerate their adoption but different enough to give you a powerful impulse.

Michael Phelps Ambition

The Shark of Baltimore, the most successful Olympian swimmer of history, winning 23 Gold Medals and 28 in total.

Since his childhood he was always one step ahead of its competitors due to its great ambition swimming inherited from an early age from his sisters, it seems that only remained to compete against himself.

As a kid, he wanted to do something that no one had ever done before, and 25 years later, he made it.

It’s your life+career ambition as great as Phelps's ambition?

Sometimes we aim too low in our careers, trying to get a nice manager role or to get a Master’s degree. It’s possible to aim higher!

Choose something in your software development career and try to do something that no one had ever done before.

In my case, I’ll be working to improve the performance and security in software communications through HTTP & HTTP/2.

You can aim to enhance tools, languages, frameworks, that help to the community to build the next level of software.

Nadia Comaneci Perfection

Nadia Comaneci scored the first perfect 10 in Olympic history, it was so great that the scoreboard not even had how to show a 10! So the committee selected the 1.00 to rate her performance as perfect.

As usual, before it was done, everybody thought that was impossible to do a perfect performance in gymnastic in the Olympics.

Reaching skills perfection as Nadia did

Don’t get me wrong, perfection isn’t the goal, instead, you can focus on having a 10 in some of your career skills.

For example, have you deeper knowledge about software patterns than Martin Fowler’s books? Can you handle a framework so well, that even it doesn’t have developed APIs to help you with a specific scenario?

When you are above of the current knowledge you are thriving for the perfection and pushing the boundaries of it.


Each one of them can teach us a different approach to his career and how that approach helped them to reach the peak of performance and achieve the Gold Medal.

So, go out there and become an Olympic Gold Medal Software Developer.

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