Parse the final good bye.

Andres Pineda

It’s been a year since Parse announced it was going to be shutting down and if you hadn’t realized it that day has arrived today.

Anyone who hasn’t yet migrated their data has only a few hours left to do so before the Parse hosted service gets offline. The good news is that this migration can be done in no more than an hour using Azure.

Azure has a Parse Server project template which does most of the job for you. Once created the server it will just require getting the data into. Going into App Settings in Azure and grab the Database connection (DATABASE_URI) to use it on Parse in their migration tool that can be found in the Parse dashboard under App SettingsGeneralMigrate to external database.

The DATABASE_URI value is something like: mongodb://

Once the migration has completed you might receive an email from Parse to let you know and then you are good to finalize the migration and that’s it!

Of course there’s more work to do in your apps so they can see your newly created backend service but at least your data is saved before the shutdown.

More info about updating your clients apps can be found in the Parse migration guide.

Be aware that from now on the Parse Server hosting your data is your responsibility so you better take care of it.

Here the Parse Server on Github, important to be notified about updates.

Completed guide to migrate to Azure.

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