I want to kill someone before I die.

I was trying to go through all of the options and make a final decision but as I did this I found the problem with life. I understand now that we have too many options all the time. How are we supposed to start chasing happiness when we can’t even start.

I also found out that chasing happiness is like chasing happiness; which is why I decided to commit suicide.

Now, I understand many of you don’t agree with the idea of committing suicide but you need to understand that from my side of the table, that doesn’t matter.

I started to fantasize about how I was going to do it. I went through the standards: overdose, shooting my self, chasing happiness. As I went over these options I started thinking about all the things I hadn’t done in my life. And out of all the things that came to my head one of them stood out the most.

Before I reveal what would have been my biggest regret I would like to share some of the best things that I hadn’t done: robbing a bank, giving my son a bath, driving 100mph, punching someone, choosing what to do with my life.

That being said, the thing that I hadn’t done that would have been my biggest regret was killing someone.

I realize this is intense but I honestly believe we’ve all thought about this. How would it feel? How would it smell? After a while I realized that I couldn’t get myself to kill anyone, so I just decided to kill two birds with one stone and I hung myself.

I wasn’t able to smell it but I felt what it was like to kill someone. And as a bonus I don’t have to deal with having too many options now.

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