Being robbed having 12 years old.

I was playing with some toys on my aunt’s house. Suddenly my mom appeared and she asked me to do an errand for her. All I had to do was to take this money $100 and pay them in the bank.

I said, sure! It was an order anyways so I could not refuse.

The bank was 2 blocks away from my aunt’s house. I put the money on my back pocket and walked to the bank.

Right before opening the door of the bank, a tall guy with a hat approaches me and told me not to scream or he would stab me with his knife. I felt really sick and scared. I said I had no money so he started to looked into my pockets and found on my back pocket the service receipt + the $100. He took the money and run away within the people.

Somebody who saw what happened, as I was standing there crying came to me and said, “I saw some policemen at front of the bank, let’s go there”. I didn’t understand why he didn’t do anything while things were happening, probably he didn’t understand what he was looking at.

Once we got to talk to the police, they started to look with the man with me. I got in their car and started to drive around but we couldn’t find the thief.

I felt so bad because I didn’t know what to tell my parents about the money. I could not stop crying, I never thought someone could do that and take me from my hands what didn’t belong to them.

Time to tell my dad

I thought he was going to kill me and punish me really bad for losing the money.

I was crying horribly when I got to my dad’s company. He was very concerned wondering what happened to me and on the first 5–10 minutes of crying in front of him I just couldn’t get the words out of my mouth.

When I told him what happened, he only said “I’m happy that nothing happened to you, don’t cry because of the money, that’s not a reason to cry.”

Besides his effort to comfort my soul, I started to untrust other people. I was scared of going out on the street thinking that I was going to get robbed anywhere.

Life pays back

Some years later, I could identify the face of the guy who took the money from me. Unfortunately, I could not accuse him of what he did since I could not prove it. I learned his name and I was told he was not a very good person.

Some more years later, I learned this guy was killed. This was not going to give me anything back, I hoped he had enjoyed the money he stole from me. I have to confess that deeply in my heart I felt happy about it. One rat less on this world.


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