The power of “ Thank you”!

One and half year ago, I was on a public bus in the city of Thunder Bay in Canada, Ontario. Well, just an ordinary person(In fact, I am super special- I have to find me special, okay?- the “ordinary” here was to keep my humility :] ), sat on a bus, waiting it to stop somewhere so I could keep going on my journey. When the driver stopped the bus I turned to him and just said: “Thank you”. Now, make me a favor and ask this to yourself : “Does it sound usual or unusual to me?”

Perhaps you say “Thank you” everyday in many different situations, perhaps not. I am glad if you do, but : do you realize the power you have on your hands? Let’s take it deeper. You may still be asking: “What’s the point of the driver story?” Well, after I said the magical words to him, he smiled, answered back with a movement in his head, looked toward the front and kept going.

I assure you that “Thank you” was not in vain. I assure you that “ Thank you” filled a bit more the happiness and the satisfaction of that man in working as a bus driver. I assure you that words made some difference to him. I assure you, you already have received a “Thank you ” that made your day, that helped you somehow. Canadians love to say sorry, and there is nothing wrong with it, but I assure you that a real “Thank you”, that one with true intention, that one with eyes wide open looking at the person you are referring, it is a peace of peace, happiness and love you can share to the world and make it better.

How about if you thank a person who waited for your delay, instead of saying sorry? Like “Thank you for waiting for me”. Maybe, a “sorry” first, and a “Thank you” following.

What I want to say is that with my humble and short life experience, I have noticed how thanking people can make the difference, piece by piece, brick by brick. I feel amazing when I receive a true “thank you” because I know that I contributed to the life of someone, that my work/action made the difference.

Do you thank people? Are you grateful for little things in your life? Wait! Are you waiting to win the lottery to thank the man who will transfer money to you bank account? Come on! Well, maybe, if the probability works well for you! I just ask you a week, a week of “thank you”. Try to be thankful. Let’s celebrate little things, little happinesses, little happy endings. One by one, and the drops will form the ocean. :) Thank you for reading till the end.