19th floor

I left the neat office located at the right corner of the 19th floor with confirmed melancholy. Walked out the luminous floor-to-ceiling window office into a short dark corridor. The cedar-wood walls perturbed my optimism -more, as if it was possible-.

The blue-eyed adman passed next to me. “We need that revenue now”, he shouted to a troop. Then he paused at the threshold of what later i knew was the creative zone. I thought he smiled at me, at least for a second, but then i discovered the young nice short skirted receptionist chundering a complicit smile.

The blue-eyed adman returned to his office. And i stood there. Out of my mind. Wandering the moments of the job interview. Suit and tie, checked. Confidence in my voice, checked. Eye contact, checked. Smile…

Can you smile when two blue drills ferret your inner self?

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