Tesla’s little irony.

So, we’ve all heard about Elon Musk’s announcement on his newly home battery for alternative energy (if you haven’t, this is a great short piece to understand it, and -if you may- you should watch his presentation too). His presentation taught us we can all live with alternative solar energy size of pixel ona USA map, harnessing it’s power in our own home by storing it into a nicely designed modular battery and liberating us from fossil fuels.

Nikola Tesla, the Serbian American inventor of alternate electricity (AC)-and clear inspiration for the name of Elon’s Company- postulated that electricity should be distributed in hubs around cities. And, more than being a great hypothesis at the time, remember electricity -nor the Internet-where a clever thing in the 1800's. It gain him a crude fight with his mentor Thomas Edison that said almost the opposite: everyone would have their own “power stations” in their backyard as in the the early watermills used to gave mechanical power to farmers. He (Edison) by the way, was promoting DC electricity.

It’s a geeky irony but, Elon Musk’s TESLA is bringing their battery stations to the consumer market and into homes, similar like promoting alternative energy as Thomas Edison would’ve wanted. Kinda give me the giggles ☺.

If you want to know more about both Tesla and Edison in a coherent way till the present -and where my little piece was born- do read “The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google” from Nicholas Carr -one of my favorite American technologists-.

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PS2. [Image: Flickr user OnInnovation]

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