A special view of the Duomo of Siena with his Tower and the silhouette of the tower of Mangia.

Original artwork of the beautiful tuscan town Siena, painting on 80x60 large plexiglass panel.
Title: “Impressioni di Siena”
Size: 80x60 cm

Dominant Colors: blue, gold, Purple, Green, Blue, White and Black
~ Wired and ready to hang ~

This original painting is signed in the left side on front, signed, dated and titled on the back. This artwork is framed in a sturdy wooden frame about 4 cm.

My art on Curioos

My art has been Staff Picked this week by #Curioos! http://cur.im/top-staff-picks

The picture was made using various layers of color, starting from a base of acrylic ground on which paper elements have been applied to create textures and characterize the composition.

The painting depicts a girl, a young lady, quietly sitting on a sofa intent on sipping his coffee while carefully…

Acrylics, oils, oil pastels on plywood

68×48 cm


Summer is over and bathers enjoying the last of the sun on the beach and in the distance the ship goes away.

In a certain moment of my artistic adventure, I felt the need to get closer to subjects to paint, neglecting the big picture to devote myself instead to detail. What interests me describe in this series of works is the perception of objects rather than the objects themselves; intangible details…

Architecture surrounds us, envelops us like a protective shell, delimits our environment, establishes boundaries and points of view. It is both a container and content, a vessel for storing our lives. Light and shadow cast by architecture break up streets and alleyways. This series of paintings turns architectural constructs into abstract visions of metropolitan spaces, with no ambitions other than focusing solely on the perception of color, space, shadow and light


Alex Andreuccetti

Alessandro Andreuccetti is born in San Gimignano, Italy, July 28, 1955. He studied art and architecture in Florence and started his job in 1980

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