Vices, lies that grow stronger every time

You say you’ll do it maybe once more but do it twice or thrice

It’s a crisis how they keep growing, cheese fattened mice

Especially when you feed them late at night

Diseased is how the worst ones are described

We all see the beginnings of at least one inside

Yet we keep drinking and puffing cigarettes till were light headed

Then blazing trees till were petrified

Isn’t it nice the denial the human mind is capable of?

I mean, do you flaunt to stay fly or to forget an old life

The one you had when spending change meant you rolled the dice

On something you needed and it might be the reason

You lose all the lights and the heat this season

Shivering in your living room freezing

Do you do it for a reason other than one that’s decent?

You’re planting a seed of what could be a fast destruction

But usually rolls in a slow depletion

But if you have fun and stay within your limits

You won’t take a celebration and plant traps in it

You can’t stay with young ladies and friends not worth feelings

Of love, can’t tell the difference between girls and women

Vices could snatch up her and him then spread to one another

Your sister and your brother then were all spread thin,

smoking crack someone gave us for a tickle n tap

It’s too bad, if it aint smack its money girls and Cadillacs

Or crime whether legal or illegal

But if your vice is paper and you’re broke, you’re soon shooting people

And if your vice is power then you’ll soon be king

Then you’ll soon be a tyrant, vices always change things