Google not Amazon — Make fantastic savings in a serverless world
Andrew Walker

Andrew, thank you very much for sharing your experience without watering it down with philosophical discussions. I only tried GAE one time for my personal project, and after reading your account I have some questions:

  1. In your “experience porting between AppEngine and ElasticBeastalk (which cost us less than 5% of the original project budget)”, was the original app using the Datastore or Cloud SQL? I bet the latter.
  2. How much do advantage to you lose if you opt not to use Datastore?
  3. I am not a rock-star when it comes to perf/resource optimisation, so GAE instance types (standard) seemed too small for me in terms of RAM (talking about Java projects here, esp when using Spring or another framework, as I understand you used Java and not Python/Go). Do you see the need to use high-memory instances as a major cost?
  4. Does Terraform alleviate some of the infrastructure management cost on EC2/GCE, esp if you reuse some templates that you have gathered from a couple of projects?
  5. Finally, how much of the production deployments used flexible environments (ie to use Java 8 before it became GA in standard env a few month ago if I am not mistaken)?

Again, I really appreciate such a plain honest account of your experience (maybe disclosure that “3wks has been a Google Cloud Services Partner since 2012” was in order) and thank you in advance for your time to reply!

And good luck to you and 3wks!


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