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It’s always great to see our work out in public! We’ve been working on a video advertisment campaign with our healthtech client Healthily recently, which has been unveiled at Birmingham New Street station attracting thousands of views from potential Healthily customers!

SDS have assisted Healthily for the past 6 months with creative needs such as website design, UI/UX app design, print and digital based advertisements and animation.

Check out the rest of our portfolio and say hello —

The green list: Our easy to read travel restrictions for England

As the world starts opening up again, it is becoming more and more important to know the current travel restrictions between nations.

As a fun little internal task at Shoreditch Design Studio, we had a go a trying to display this information in the easiest possible way for UK nationals.

In one click we wanted to surface some potential holiday or travel destinations that have COVID-19 levels considered safe by the UK government.

Disclaimer, this was a silly little side project. Don’t book anything without checking local government guidelines.

What would our design team do without Figma? Its a question we never ask in our office, because it makes our job both possible, quicker and better (most of the time).So thats why, on this sunny August day (!), we wanted to share with you our Top 5 Figma Plug-Ins. Hopefully these can put a smile on your face, a spring in your step, a better design on your screen and save you enough time to extend that lunch break by a few minutes….

What are your best Figma plug-ins? Check out our project portfolio at

Villalba Lawson

As a fast-growing design company, we are constantly seeking inspiration to push ourselves to the next level creatively. Today, our Senior Designer Joe shares with us a designer that has recently inspired him.

Villalba Lawson’s work has really caught my eye. A design practice based in London and founded in 2012, they specialise in art direction, visual identity, digital, editorial and environmental design for both local and international clients. They work with some really progressive retail and technology clients such as the ones we have at Shoreditch Design Studio.

Has flat design destroyed the role of the web designer? I think not.

I’ve been reading with interest the brilliantly written opinion pieces ‘Fall of the Designer’ by Eli Schiff recently. If you haven’t read them and are interested in the history of trends in the digital design world, they are certainly worth a read.

The problem is I disagree with him completely.

His arguments mainly centre around how the rise…

The background noise text editor: Review

At first glance, Noisli seems to be strange bipod of apps, it offers both therapeutic background noises and distraction free text editing. So you can write your nonsensical blog (as I am doing right now) whilst the calming sound of a thunderstorm or train tracks sooth your everyday aches. Perfect…

Putting the traditional method to the test

We’ve all experienced it, an endless, daunting online form asking every question from your mothers favourite colour to your shoe size. The reason? So some digital troubadours can provide you a service or sell you something. All you need to do is provide them with a few details….

Inherited from…

Shoreditch Design Studio

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