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The UK government yesterday published its new Online Harms white paper. There is a long way to go before any legislation actually appears, but this is potentially the most significant development in the history of internet regulation in the UK.

The white paper is an extremely broad miscellany of problems, diagnoses, and recommendations. It’s difficult to see all of the proposals surviving intact by the time the government attempts to translate it into law.

The proposals exhibit a central tension between what the government terms “rules” and what it terms “norms.” The government says it wants to develop both “rules…

Labour did not win the general election. But neither did the Conservatives. Parliamentary arithmetic will prevail and the Tories will form a minority government propped up by the hard-right DUP. Will there be a hard Brexit? Will austerity continue along its previous punishing trajectory? Who knows, but both seem less likely with a minority government. Will the government even last until the autumn?

The result was truly extraordinary and begs so many questions but here I want to discuss how Jeremy Corbyn and his movement of activists are changing the Labour party.

Labour’s share of the vote saw a…

Andrew Chadwick

Prof @LboroCM Director @O3CLboro. Author, Ed., Dad. The Hybrid Media System (2/e: Trump, Facebook, dark posts, fakes, bots, hacks) out now.

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