Online Social Endorsement and Vaccine Hesitancy

Our new study explores how people’s attitudes and their consumption of Covid-19 news and information links to their intention to use social media and personal messaging apps to encourage or discourage vaccination.

UK NHS Covid vaccination sticker

By Andrew Chadwick, Johannes Kaiser, Cristian Vaccari, Daniel Freeman, Sinéad Lambe, Bao S. Loe, Samantha Vanderslott, Stephan Lewandowsky, Meghan Conroy, Andrew R. N. Ross, Stefania Innocenti, Andrew J. Pollard, Felicity Waite, Michael Larkin, Laina Rosebrock, Lucy Jenner, Helen McShane, Alberto Giubilini, Ariane Petit & Ly-Mee Yu

Prof @LboroCM, Director @O3CLboro.

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