A short introduction for analyzing text with R

There have been 6 official democratic debates so far and more in the future. The debates are long and frankly very boring. The argument for the debates is to introduce America the candidates and understand their policy positions. However, America has a short attention span and with a 3-hour run-time, that’s a lot of time spent watching tv. In total, a person would spend 18 hours watching the debates. That is not realistic at all and there must be a better way to summarize the debates in an objective manner.

Text mining is the practice of extracting information out of…

Freshman geometry class finally put to use

Art created with Pi by color coding each digit. Originally created by Martin Krzywinski.

While I was watching the show Veep, Kent Davison, the pollster and numbers-cruncher for Selina’s campaign mentioned his favorite number was Euler’s number which made me wonder how mathematicians came up with these numbers that are used in everyday life. I started reading about the history of these important numbers and then stumbled upon the history of Pi. After reading about the long Wikipedia page, I believe Pi is one of the most fascinating number in mathematics; there are races on how many digits people can memorize of Pi, there are races to see how many digits of Pi can…

A data driven approach for avoiding PAULA citations

Credits: (A)Symmetrical Photography Instagram: @asymmetrical_photography


The data was scraped from the Iowa City police logs. Iowa City police logs limit the length of the records, so data was only collected for one month. The data was cleaned showing only bar checks and was limited to Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Warnings and arrests were ignored due to low sample size. Some of the bars had 0 charges making the tool give a 0% probability of getting caught/charged. If values were 0, then the tool would give the average probability. There are limitations with the bar tool, arrests and warnings were ignored in the analysis due to…

Photo: Politico / Getty

I remember hearing about Bernie Sanders on the summer of 2015. The term democratic-socialist felt like a radically new concept back then and Bernie’s message resonated with me as an 18-year-old democrat who would be able to vote for the first time. I primaried for him and remember feeling satisfied about the 23–21 loss to Hillary. I felt I somehow made a difference because although Bernie lost the battle, he won the war with popularizing the idea of Medicare for all, a living minimum wage, and attacking the big banks.

Now, for 2020, Bernie Sanders will have to face a…

Andrew Couch

Business Analytics student at University of Iowa

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