Dundee Culture has announced the release of its new podcast, “This Dundonian Life”.

The new podcast, hosted by Andrew Batchelor will release on June 21st on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Sounder and TuneIn.

“This Dundonian Life” will look at stories and life in Dundee from all angles and will be released weekly from June 21st.

The name of the podcast takes inspiration from the highly popular radio program, “This American Life” and

Second series of “Dundeecast” announced

Along with the announcement of a release date for “This Dundonian Life”, Dundee Culture also announced that a second series of “Dundeecast” is in the works and…

London has opened a memorial garden to remember Londoners lost in the pandemic, I express my thoughts on one that could be made in Dundee to remember Dundonians who we’ve had to say goodbye to.

A concept art of a memorial garden at Magdalen Green (Picture: Dundee Culture)

The coronavirus pandemic has inevitably changed everyone’s lives, and an unfortunate consequence of that is that we’ve lost loved ones to this pandemic. I think we should immortalise those who have lost their lives in the city by establishing a memorial garden dedicated to them.

In London, the mayor opened up a new Covid memorial garden at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and reading about it, I felt like it was a wonderful tribute to those who passed away from coronavirus.

Now me being me, I love inspiration and I would love to see a Covid memorial garden be made…

The new attraction is aiming to open by 2025 at the latest and could create up to 200 jobs and contribute £27m a year to the local economy.

The proposed Eden Project Dundee design at the gasworks (Picture: Supplied)

Eden Project Dundee has been given the green light with the Dundee Gasworks announced as its new location, it has been announced.

The Eden Project has signed a memorandum of understanding with the owners of its preferred site for Eden Project Dundee and released the first image of how it might look.

Rejuvenating Dundee’s industrial heartland

The agreement between Eden, National Grid and SGN will kick off a period in which the partners will explore the practicalities of converting the former Dundee Gasworks on East Dock Street into the Eden Project’s home in Scotland.

The site is set back from the Dundee waterfront…

The new mural will welcome visitors to V&A Dundee before being moved to East Whale Lane on the city’s waterfront.

A large hand-painted billboard, measuring 10 metres wide by 3.5 metres high, has been created by Cobolt Collective to welcome visitors to V&A Dundee.

It is inspired by the original Olympia Swimming Pool, a much-loved Dundee leisure centre that originally opened in 1974 on the same site as V&A Dundee, before moving to a new site on East Whale Lane.

The pool was treasured by many Dundonians and, with the largest flumes in Europe, was a place of play, joy, pleasure and delight for children and adults alike.

“This Dundonian Life” is Dundee Culture’s second original podcast to be made and is currently in production.

Dundee Culture is to launch a new podcast which is currently in production which looks at stories from Dundee and experiences from the perspective of a Dundonian.

“The Dundonian Life”, which takes its inspiration from the widely popular radio program and podcast series, “This American Life”, will look into stories and events which take place or have links to the city, be it past, present or future.

The podcast will be hosted by Dundee Culture’s Andrew Batchelor. Speaking about the new podcast, he said:

I wanted to do this for quite a while and things got in my way. I…

Night Fever: Designing Club Culture will open tomorrow at the museum.

Things have been positive here in Dundee over the course of the past week as venues begin to open up again and tomorrow, Scotland’s design museum is up next.

Tomorrow — it’s the V&A Dundee’s turn as they welcome you with a brand new exhibition, Night Fever: Designing Club Culture.

This exhibition is something which is for everyone and from a personal perspective, I find it having a very similar vibe to the Video Games: Design, Play, Disrupt, which was absolutely brilliant and had something for everyone and I believe this exhibition will also do just that.

Supplied by V&A Dundee. Photography by Michael McGurk.

Attending the preview…

The SS Californian is infamous for it’s inaction on the night the RMS Titanic sank in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

109 years ago today, the worst maritime disaster in the world occurred when the RMS Titanic sank in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, 1,517 passengers and crew went down with the ship and died of either drowning and hypothermia.

The RMS Titanic hut an iceberg on the evening of 15 April 1912 as it sailed through the bitterly cold Atlantic Ocean.

The luxurious ocean liner set off from Southampton to New York City three days previously and planned to arrive on 17 April 1912. It would have been a triumph as it docked in New York.

Andrew Batchelor

Award Winning Dundee Ambassador / Founder of Dundee Culture / Digital Leaders, V&A Dundee and ILF Scotland Ambassador

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