Post Four: Deepening Your Understanding

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  • In The Article

Global warming has had the same stories for years now; increase in temperatures, ocean acidification, extinction. Yet, little to nothing has been done to stop this major problem. But, what if it doesn’t have to be a problem at all? In the podcast, “Episode 472: The One-Page Plan To Fix Global Warming… Revisited”, recorded on July 18, 2018, by David Kestenenbaum, Alex Blumberg, and Robert Smith, they discuss a simple and free one-page plan that could help fix global warming. In the podcast they discuss in detail how a carbon tax will lead to a change in the economy and society which will help save the planet from extinction.

  • What Changed ?

Before listening to this podcast, I believe that global warming was inevitable and that mankind would eventually face extinction. The reason I believe this is because politics always promise to fix this crisis and society never acts on it. In other words, the government, who has done little to nothing to fix this global issue, would have to make a huge change in society to save the planet from global warming. On top of that we’re running out of time due to increasing temperatures and ocean levels. Then, after listening to this podcast, the key aspects gave me hope that global warming can be beat! In the podcast I learned about the effects of adding a carbon tax. This exceeded my thinking of global warming because I now know that a carbon tax is a simple and free way of solving this ongoing global issue.

  • A Simple Carbon Tax

The one-page plan to fix global warming is to add a tax on carbon into society. This includes gas, coal, fossil fuels, electricity, heating/ A.C., concrete, ext. The tax would be based on how much carbon is being released into the environment. This leads people to want to use less carbon. Also, taxing these good will increase the price on them which then causes people to use less of these harmful gasses and fuels. Furthermore, not using these glasses and fuels will help the environment and stop global warming.

The plans state that the money collected from the carbon tax will be given back to the people. We can do this by pairing the carbon tax with our income taxes. What I mean by this is that the amount of money collected from this tax will be given back to the people by a deduction in our income taxes which would increase everyone’s income. Although some people think giving the money back will cause them to spend it, the high prices will be an incentive to not spend the money on carbon production and instead find a more eco-friendly alternative.This helped me rethink my ideas about global warming because not only will we be solving this major climate crisis but will be helping the economy and improving people’s standards of living.

  • The First Year

In addition, the average money taxed the first year has made me deepen my understanding of the topic. In the first year many goods and services will increase automatically due to the carbon tax. For example gas will increase 25 cents per gallon the first year. According to Robert Smith in the first year the average person would spend $125 more for gas, $60 for electricity, $100 for heating/cooling, … (Smith 15:00–20:30). Also, prices in food would increase based on the transportation.

Although many people don’t think this is a huge increase, it will increase more and more over the years. As prices for carbon increase and become more expensive other more eco friendly sources becomes cheap by comparison. This leads to solar energy would be cheaper than normal electricity. Then, Society would begin to start doing major changes like using smaller cars, better public transportation, limit their usage, etc. This shift is usage what changed my belief is global warming because it causes society to change and improves global warming.

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, the podcast explains how a simple and free one-page plan to add a carbon tax would help fix global warming. The carbon tax made me change my beliefs about global warming because before I thought global warming was doomed to happen and people would soon become extinct. But, after listening to the podcast it changed my mind on this and made me realize that there really is an easy and simple solution to stop global warming. It also helped me deepen my understanding about global warming because the carbon tax would force the government to act and society to change. Overall, I now have a better understanding about global warming after listening to this podcast about how a carbon tax could not only improve the economy and people’s standard of living but the whole planet!

  • Work Cited Page

Kestenbaum, David, et al., directors. Episode 472: The One-Page Plan To Fix Global Warming… Revisited. NPR, NPR, 18 July 2018,




I go to SFSU and I’m studying business financing.

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Andrew Moreno

Andrew Moreno

I go to SFSU and I’m studying business financing.

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