Why Territory?
Weapons of Reason

This was an interesting read. I love the symbolism of walls, borders and barriers — to see them manifest in reality is politically bad, but appealing to as a writer.

This piece makes an interesting contribution to the discussion. Usually, it has revolved around notions of state sovereignty and non-intervention, but to view it in the context of actual territorial borders gives a new perspective to the issue. It may be too much to assume that Western liberalism has failed altogether though — groups, cultures and communities have formed in a way that can no longer be boxed within simple lines on a map.
But again, that is an element that merely adds to the tension in the current political climate: the fact that there have been influential benefits of free trade and globalism despite widespread disparity of wealth. Xenophobic and closed-off nations are only likely to provoke opposition because these liberal notions are rooted deep enough.

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