Adventures in HTML

The next online course my pre-work has led me to is HTML/CSS. Upon writing this, I have finished the HTML half of the course (the half I am more familiar with). It was a good reminder of some of the basic tags I already know, and a huge expansion of things that I didn’t. I learned the syntax for making hyperlinks and images, how to organize a table, and all kinds of goodies with style attributes.

We were given a choice between a code academy tutorial and a dash one. Given enough time, I’ll probably complete both, but since I only have a few more days to complete (and hopefully retain most of) this pre-work, I chose the code academy one after some brief research into the differences. It is a really nice tutorial. The quizzes and projects, which I’m sure would help with retention, are only available to people with subscriptions, but I like the exercises I have access to. They are logical, and build on each other. I’d be happier if they defined what more of the tags stand for (they do for most, but not all), but again I am confident in my understanding of what I am learning, if not my ability to memorize every command and syntax I have been presented with.

One question I have is why there are two different html tags for bold and italics. The tags I knew were simply <b></b> and <i></i>, but the ones they taught me in this tutorial were <strong> </strong> and <em> </em>. I’m not sure why there are two sets at all, let alone why they chose to teach the option that I find to be the less intuitive of the two, but it is good to know.

Now on to some CSS, after a short sanity break!