Adventures in JavaScript/JQuery

We’ve finally advanced far enough to the point of making our first page that makes use of JavaScript. Specifically, we had to use the Marvel Comics API and and AJAX request to get info, and then style it on the page using our knowledge of HTML and CSS.

This was a really fun assignment for me. I really enjoyed figuring out where the information I needed was in the API, then placing it where I wanted it on the page. I am very proud of the if/else statements and equations powering my search functionality, and I think the overall look is pretty clean. It felt good to get in there and mess around with some code and see how much of the functionality I wanted were things I already knew how to do, and feel JQuery, which was so foreign to me not even a week ago, start to click. More and more I am able to solve the problems NOT within my frame of reference via a google search, and make quick sense of the instructions I find.

You can see my site here. Feel free to play around. I hope you like Spider-man.

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