Adventures in React

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in here. I attribute that to the Thanksgiving holiday and some extra obligations in my personal life. During this time, most of what we have been working on is learning react. At first I was very confused by the syntax of having multiple languages on one document, and was having trouble figuring out where to put function definition and other such things, but now the fog has mostly cleared. I created this simple todo list app with some fun JavaScript functionality (I learned how to use JavaScript to make a much more powerful hover effect than the one available through CSS). It also makes use of local storage. The project that I am working on now (another partner project, soon to be released) combines what we have learned about react with what we learned about AJAX requests. More on this later, but the short explanation is we are using axios to POST, DELETE and GET from a rest API.

Lecture this morning was on using react router to link pages together and it solidified my confidence that I have an understanding of the flow of react vis-a-vis importing components and feeding them props. It will, of course, take a little fiddling to get comfortable with all the linking and importing required, but I am clear on the concept and can understand the code involved. The further I get in this program, the shorter the frustration/confusion period of learning new aspects of JavaScript gets, and the more confident I become that I will enjoy and excel at working in this field.

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