Why I am Interested in Coding

As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by and comfortable with computers. Being a child of the digital age, I have almost always been able to navigate any new interface I was presented with with ease, but there has always been a mystery and an allure to what was going on behind the screen. I remember buying one particular book, “Game Programming for Teens” by Maneesh Sethi that introduced me to BASIC and served as my first real experience with coding. That book and some online resources that taught me basic HTML were my only access to the mysterious worlds of computer code. Thinking, as I did about many things at that age that have now become central to my life, that programming was something done by “those people over there” (read: someone who isn’t me; who had some ineffable access to a skill that is beyond me), I never got too deep into developing my skills and understanding in the world of code, but the fascination and desire stayed there. I hope that my time at The Iron Yard will serve to initiate me into the world of computer code, that I may develop my basic skills, and hone them into an understanding that will translate into, and allow me to teach myself further skills in the technical world.

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