HottestYearEver 2016

We continue to be assured by government experts that Australia is getting hotter, and this is the underlying reason they must inflict a massive new tax on everything via the underhanded emissions trading scheme(ETS).

Lets examine the government empirical data, not yet corrupted by “adjustments” versus climate expert claims:

Claim 1: Extreme heat is breaking records and getting worse because of climate chamge.

Clearly not according to the BOM chart of very hot days. It show the cyclical nature (solar & ENSO related) without any statistically relevant trend. Also the tables for records max & min temps show a 2016 is 2–3 degC below all time records. We can safely conclude extreme heat is not worse in 2016.

Claim 2: Warming temperatures are occurring everywhere in Australia and across the whole year.

Australia did have a warm summer & autumn solely due to the ENSO effect which was correctly forecast by BOM in late 2015. Following that, Australia had one of the coldest winters & spring in the past 100 yrs with much of the country effected. Clearly 2016 is not the latest in a long line of predicted Hottest Year Ever.

Claim: Climate Change will destroy Australian crops this year due to drought and lack of rain.

Yeah. Well. Climate snowflakes struck out big time on this claim. Following excellent rainfall, BOM shows Australia with above average vegetation. All states producing record crops, despite serious frost damage to parts of WA and flood damage in the east.

Claim 4: Perth will die

Perth: Still Alive!!!

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