The Problem with Adjusting Climate Datasets – Example of Alice Springs, Australia

I had some spare time today, and I wanted to demonstrate the problem with NASA/BOM adjustments to mean temp data in climate records of data stations, beside the fact they are generally cooling the past data.

Alice Springs climate data is available at

Time frame available on line is from 1940 onwards. NASA GISS uses BOM temp data for their Australian data sets.

I sourced the pre 1940 temp data from BOM announcements made in archived newspapers. It takes a while to go through year by year & I haven’t found every year yet. But plenty for the purpose of this exercise.

The point I’m making here is that the annual Max Temp data record which is unadjusted, is flat, while the adjusted Mean Max T & Mean T are trending upwards. Take this forward a century or two & they would converge. This is statistically impossible for this type of data set. In my opinion, the Alice Springs trend in Mean Max & Mean Temps is almost solely a product of the adjustments.

You can find this feature, flat Max Temps and an upward trending mean Temp, in numerous regional locations within Australia. This and other faulty data manipulation has already been highlighted many times by people like Jo Nova & Tony Heller.

It’s a continuous scam, to enable global taxation, and for the unelected UN to replace sovereign national governments, exactly the same as the Federal Govt of Australia wants to do with the State Governments of Australia. They are very successful so far.

I’m diaappointed Australia’s best scientists are involved with this fraud, setting science back decades. Not that young Australians would know what science is all about. Less that 20% study it at school and even less at tertiary level.

Have a nice day.

Andy Oz

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