In 2007 I experienced my first major loss. I stored family photos on a single drive which suddenly stopped working. Luckily I had a snapshot on my grandmother’s computer from 6 months earlier. 6 months lost, but 5 years recovered. This cemented my belief that backups are essential.

Apple released Time Machine in 2007. It was great, plug in an external drive and Time Machine automatically stored snapshots, removing the oldest snapshots as the drive became full. My photos, music, and work were safe.

Fast forward to 2017. My computer no longer has anything on it, everything is in the cloud. This is great if my computer gets stolen, but what happens if that cloud disappears? Time Machine doesn’t work very well when there’s nothing on my computer to back up.

I’ve been using Spanning backup for a few years which gives me some protection. It’s like Time Vault for Google Drive. But I still feel uneasy. What if both Google and Spanning are unavailable because I get locked out of my accounts? There’s still something nice about physically having a backup in my home.

Here’s what I want. A beautiful device that I can put on my desk that continuously and automatically backs up my cloud data. This device should be totally wireless and so simple that anyone using a phone can set it up. It should take snapshots so that if I delete a file from Google Drive I can still recover it. A simple indicator light on the device that tells me that everything is good. Everything should be encrypted, so if it’s stolen I don’t have to worry. A physical key that I can put on my keychain or in a safety deposit box that I can insert into the device for access.

I wish someone would build this. I’ll be your first customer.

Product Manager & Founder writing about place & transportation. Lyft, ex-Google.