I wish I had an expert to help guide me through the complicated healthcare industry. This expert would know which doctor I should visit, has my medical history, and is an advocate for my wellbeing and wallet.

This expert would work with every type of insurance, every doctor, every state.

30 minutes and 1 transfer. Beyond that, a transit experience degrades quickly. Some big cities with great transit still fail this test, partially due to their sheer size. For example, Beijing has a great subway system but can still feel remarkably inaccessible because the city is so large that many…

Which compromises are necessary, and which go too far?

Consider BART, the San Francisco Bay Area’s rapid transit system. Started in the 1960s, It took 15 years before the first trains started running, and the path was full of compromises.

  • Many stations were moved based on community feedback
  • San Francisco…

Andrew Stromme

Product Manager & Founder writing about place & transportation. Lyft, ex-Google.

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