The problem with everyone building platforms.
Jon Westenberg — Startup Blogger ↗

I have two thoughts:

1: Medium proves that consumers can curate their own content, so why should we pay for someone else to curate our content when they do such a poor job anyway, which points to my second thought and the only solution…

2: The only way to solve this problem is for someone to find a way to create a distribution platform that is free for both the content providers and the consumers, which is really what the consumers want anyway. Why should we be paying someone an exclusive monthly fee for someone to distribute a lot of mediocre content that we don’t care about

(this is why I don’t pay for cable, hulu, netflix, etc and would rather use amazon fire tv, apple tv, etc…I only want to pay for the content I consume. Apple figured this out with music a long time ago…why should I be forced to buy an entire album when I only like one song. The same should apply to all content…I don’t want to pay for an entire catalog of movies when there are only a handful I will actually stream in any given month…the problem is the content providers like the current model too much because it allows them to churn out crap and still make the same amount of money for it. If you could go to a free platform and stream any movie you wanted for $.99 the content providers would be forced to create better content to rise above the pack and increase revenues)

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