If you have business questions about what a founder’s plans are around maternity leave, or an interim CEO, this would be a really cool direct set of questions to ask. You could learn about a founder’s preparedness, her general strategy around planning ahead. You might, in fact, gain confidence in a pregnant founder if you just asked her those questions directly.
You want to invest in women? Really?
Emily Best

This is a really interesting point to me, because I can see it being fraught. Actually the cultural point you make above about avoiding a burnout culture (which I also think does not help—I’ve made tons of stupid mistakes on burnout hours I’d never make otherwise) is super relevant here, but I think a lot of people would avoid this topic because it could seem flat-out discriminatory, the irony being if they don’t address it directly they will still think and act in a discriminatory fashion. In short: what would those direct questions look like, and how would you avoid making it discriminatory?

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