Task Analysis Storyboard Sketch

The task was to outline all the steps necessary to paint the walls of the living room of an apartment shared with roommates. In my mind, there were two paths to break down this problem. The first was to go deep in the actual painting process: applying painter’s tape, choosing the best brush, mixing the different colors, etc. The second, which was the route that I went down, is examining the overall process, starting from ideation, to project management, to action, to results. I decided to go the latter route.

As an engineer, I believe the most critical part of a project is figuring out what to do, and how to do it. Once I have those things in my head, building the product is almost thoughtless. This is why I was more inclined to approach the problem from a macro, big-picture approach, because that’s generally how my mind works when solving problems. As for coming up with the steps themselves, I just simply put myself into the scene described in the prompt (a grungy Mission apartment crammed with housemates), and went through it like a story in my head. As I went through the story, I jotted down the key moments that popped out. The key to this assignment was really to envision yourself in that living room as best you could, and putting yourself in the story’s context.

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