There was no sabotage, Bernie just got outvoted, plain and simple.

Sigh. Just because you spent a ton of time to spew nonsense, you think you’ve thoroughly debunked Caitlin’s article?

Not at all… Nothing to refute the fact that they were caught red-handed doing things to favor Clinton (Donna Brazil handing Hillary Clinton the questions?? If this was OK, then why didn’t she own up to it?). And claiming that independents are a SMALL voting block, while they actually outnumber Democrats and Republicans?

For the sake of our country, I’d love if people like you would lose your attachment to identity politics. The DNC is corrupt, Hillary was an awful candidate and is an absolute liar. The only reason she won more votes than Bernie is because of an uneducated voting population who is denied real truths from politicians like Hillary Clinton and DWS (and CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc.).

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